Name:    Phil Plunkett
DOB:       1st April 1971
Location:     Dublin, Ireland
Contact:     0862516405
Availability:      Full Time or Contract


Highly skilled Artist\Designer with over 24yrs experience working in the computer games industry. Working in all areas of Art Asset Creation and Game Design on most Platforms, creating Menus and Interfaces, Environment and Character Textures, Lighting and Scene set up, Pixelling and Background Design, to Level Design, UI and UX, to Porting, Optimizing and QA Testing, to final release of Product.

• Team Leader / player: Have led or been a key member on various international teams working on AAA titles.
• Organizational Skills: Ability to manage my own work and designate tasks to others team members, achieve tight deadlines and work on my own initiative.
•Adaptable to various shelf programs and in-house game design tools.


Lead Artist
Giraffe Games
September 2015 – Present

I’m currently working on creating art assets, from menus, UI, environments and character art for a range of sport games for smartphones and Tablets. I’m also involved in coming up with new project ideas and improving game design\image for existing brands.

Lead Artist
Physical Liquid Software
January 2014 – September 2015 (1 year 9 months)

physical liquid apps

I worked on Visuals and Designs for a range of games and apps using Unity Software.

• Create artistic designs, ideas and concepts for projects.
• Work closely with programmers on design, functionality and implementation etc.
• Responsible for creating all art assets.

Projects Completed:
Liquid Physics 2D (Unity App Store)
Blob E Bird (Google Playstore)
Blob E Blox (Google Playstore)

Senior Artist
PopCap Games Dublin
October 2006 – October 2013 (7 years, 1 month)


• Redesigning all Game Art, menus and interfaces of PC titles to work on and take advantage of a very wide range of mobile, smartphone and tablet devices.
• Optimizing of art assets in size and bit depths and also offering improvements on the original art.
• Designing and localising fonts for all regions.

Projects Completed:
Chuzzle mobile,
Bookworm mobile,
Heavy Weapon,
Peggle nights,
Zuma’s Revenge,

2011 – 2012 Worked in the QA Department
Projects Completed:
Peggle and Peggle nights (ipad)
Bejeweled (iphone and ipad)
Plants vs Zombies (android, iphone and ipad)

Senior Artist
Eurocom Developments
September 2001 – September 2006 (5 years 1 month)

Character and Environment Texturing, Lighting Scenes, Menu and Interface Designs for various Projects and Teams.

• Achieve the highest standard of character and Environment texturing.
• Setting the finished “look” of the game environments.
• Design and functionality of ingame menus and interfaces.
• Working with Tech Dev on tools needed for Art Dept.

Projects Completed:
Batman Begins (EA)
Spyro: A hero’s Tail (Vivendi)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Universal)
Harry Potter: Chamber of secrets (EA)
Pirates of the Carribean 3 (Disney)

Lead Artist
Funcom Dublin
June 1996 – August 2001 (5 years 3 months)


Working on all aspects of art creation and game design.

• Responsible for the visual style of Game Project and maintaining it.
• Liaise with the Producer and Lead Programmer on Goals, Game Design and Implementation.
• Set daily/weekly targets to ensure deadlines were not put at risk.
• Finding solutions to technical, gameplay and artistic issues due to platform constraints.

Project Completed:
Speed Freaks\Speed Punks (Sony)
Championship Motocross 2001 (THQ)
Impact Racing (JVC)
Split Realities (JVC)


Gremlin Graphics Ireland
May 1991 – July 1996 (5 years 3 months)


All aspects of art creation and game design.

• Created all art content for Plan 9 from Outer Space.
• Created Background and various art assets for Litil Divil.
• Setting the standard and visual style of the games.
• Set daily/weekly targets to ensure deadlines were not put at risk.
• Optimizing art assets for various platforms.
• Training juniors.

Projects Completed:
Litil Divil (Gremlin)
Plan 9 from Outer Space (Gremlin)



Photoshop, 3D Maxx, Maya, Unity, Deluxe Paint and Painter.


Sallynoggin Community College secondary School

Dun Laoghaire College
First Level Course in Computer Aided Design



Phil and I worked together at Funcom Dublin for 5 years and in Eurocom Derby for 4 years, making top quality PlayStation games back in the day.

He was the guy who really taught me how to create art and design for games. His childlike passion for games made me open my eyes (for the first time in my life) what beautiful games really meant and what went in to making them. Phil would turn every rock and stone in his path to find the ultimate graphic style, the style had to be right, it had to be soulful and the colours needed to be spot on. You could always count on Phil that the end result was just that and much more.

Phil is also extremely business minded person, as a person who is being living and breathing in the gaming world for majority of his life this comes quite naturally to him. It’s vital to have people like Phil in your team because he really knows all areas of game development, design which is a great asset to have when creating games.

Phil is one those rare super talented people you don’t often meet, so if you have a change to hire him, please do so we can enjoy beautiful graphics & games in the future.

Lasse Louhento – Clash of the Clans, Game Lead

I met Phil when I first started my career in video games and I immediately identified him as the standard that I knew. I needed to attain. It wasn’t easy as he sets a very high bar! Phil’s passion and drive for perfection was infectious and his quiet but apparent joy in his craft and video games in general excited a spark in me that led me to my career in games and CG.

If I was to mention a few of his particular strengths they would include regular bursts of inspired creativity that permeated the office, his encyclopaedic knowledge of video game history and his constant mentoring of colleagues. But it must be his attention to detail that singles Phil out amongst all other artists I’ve ever worked with. This guy is a MACHINE!

His eyes are like video games microscopes! Team that up with very high technical skill and novel problem solving abilities and you’ve got one dynamite games making ninja!

I would love the opportunity to work with Phil again and highly recommend him if his CV lands on your desk for any graphics related position. Snap him up!

Ed Thomas – Creative Director
Pipedreams Productions.