Contract Work

Having spent a significant amount of time sitting in traffic traveling to the office, I made the decision to work from home.    It was an easy decision.    Starting the day off with an inspired walk with the dog and settling down in a creative space where I can work as many or little hours as I need to has been an awakening for me!   It has given me the chance to go beyond the criteria of 9 to 5 and burn the midnight oil if so inspired!

Working for myself is the path I have taken and with that in mind, or in heart, I would say if you are looking for an independent contractor in regard to Apps or games you may be developing or hoping to, please feel free to contact me.   My aim is to bring a new level of realism to both Apps and Games and the vision is to make the colours just a bit shinier, the mood a little more moodier and the overall look, a whole lot more real.

If you would like your Apps, Games or Projects to be brought to another level visually, a little moodier or maybe a lot more realistic, why not contact me.





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